Revolutionary Breakthrough in
Sexual Stimulant for Men

Effect on Body
Sperm Count

Article reproduced from :
Indian Journal
 of Natural Products
Volume - 3/1987/NUMBER-1

Mucuna pruriens seeds


The seeds of Mucuna pruriens Baker are used since long as an aphrodisiac and are prescribed for leucorrhoea, spermatorrhoea, etc. Keeping in view the medicinal properties, the role of total alkaloids in fertility, specially spermatogenesis, in albino rates was studies. The total alkaloids of the seeds consisted of five alkaloidal bases, two of which have been reported as prurieninene and prurienidine.
For spermatogenic studies, sperm count method was employed and histological studies of the testes sections were carried out. The observations of the treated and control rats were compared to study any noticeable changes.
For androgenic effects pertaining to weight changes in the body and other reproductive organs, the weights of body, testes, seminal vesicles and prostate of the control and treated rates were taken.

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