Revolutionary Breakthrough in
Sexual Stimulant for Men

Effect on Body
Sperm Count

Results and discussion

The administration of total alkaloids of Mucuna pruriens exhibited appreciable increase in the weights of testes, seminal vesicles and prostate, and the results were comparable with testosterone enanthate activity. As androgenic activity is attributed to testosterone levels in the blood, it is suggested that the alkaloids simulate the secretion of testosterone to ensure greater availability to gonads.

In the testes section of group II and III animals (Fig. 3-6), the increase in number of spermatids is evident. Their transformation into spermatozoa is further evidenced by comparison of sperm count in normal and treated individuals. As spermatogenesis is also governed by testosterone, it is presumed that the alkaloids brought an increase in the level of testosterone in semniferous tubules either by its action on pituitary function or on Leydig's cells that store testosterone for regulation of gonadal function.

No adverse effects were observed in the treated individuals as a result of administration of the tested dose of the total alkaloids.

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